SOUNDS | By Chaiba

We invited Chaiba to create this month’s guest mixtape. The Rotterdam-based artist just released a record together with Jeff Solo for Rotterdam’s most notorious sneaker store, Woei, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Chaiba also hosts his monthly show on Operator, Rotterdam’s new online radio station.

Absolutely in tune with our latest ‘Hold onto Summer‘ release – this mix is perfectly suited for some quality poolside chilling. Turn it up!

We got in touch with Chaiba and had a quick chat about his work and what he’s been listening to recently.

Please describe yourself in three words:
Music, conscientious, organized.

What is the last track you listened to?
96 Eyes – Schneepalast

You recently released a record for Woei’s 10th anniversary. Can you tell us something about that release?
Jeff and I made edits of two 80s South African bubblegum tracks. We rearranged the tracks and used my TR-707 drum computer for the drums. Woei and Clone Records pressed 150 limited copies that are now sold out.

How did you select your music for this mix, is it mainly new stuff or records that you’ve had in your bag for a while?
I’ve been listening to these tracks a lot at home for the last month. And I wanted to record a mix with records that are around the 100bpm, that I usually won’t play a lot in clubs.

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