SOUNDS | By Max Abysmal

We’re ending our Red Light Radio mixtape series with a bang! An experimental house mixed with African and Techno beats kind of bang, that is. It’s time to listen up to the funky sounds of the young, Amsterdam-based, Australian DJ and producer, Max Abysmal.


In line with our RLR livestream sessions, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss a few livestreaming-related issues with our guest. Here goes!

Where are you right now and why are you there?
Right now I’m sitting on the couch behind my computer because I have to do an interview haha.

Are you currently listening to music and if so, which track is playing and how loud?
Actually I’m not, there is a skate video on in the background that doesn’t include any music which I honestly prefer. I’m obsessed with the sound of skateboarding so I got it pretty loud.

We read that you got very into house music after you moved from down under to Amsterdam, did you develop any other new interests since your move?
Well the main interest was just electronic music in general. I was introduced to house music just before I left, but prior to that it was only bands that I would listen to. Once I came here it really opened my world up to all sorts of electronic music I had never heard before or even given a chance.

What would you say are the milestones you achieved as a DJ? And what is your biggest achievement today (e.g. grocery shopping)?
My milestones as a DJ so far would have to be opening Dekmantel festival and Boiler Room. For today it was the fact that I just picked up my keys off a friend who had taken them home with him last weekend in Rotterdam. Being able to get in and out of my house again is a blessing.

We broadcasted your set at Red Light Radio live on Facebook, which you could call ‘easily digestible content’. Snacks are also easy to digest; what snack would you compare your mix to, and why?
A Curly Wurly chocolate bar. Reason being I’m craving one right now and I guess it’s hard to eat but tastes alright.

 If you could livestream the future… What, where and when would you want to stream right now?
I would probably live stream some jam session from my studio in 2030 so I can see what kind of gear I have.

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