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SOUNDS | By Marcus Worgull

Next month we’re opening a store in Cologne, which just so happens to be the hometown of our guest DJ, Marcus Worgull. It’s safe to say that Worgull’s work is very diverse: it ranges from the deepest house-cuts on Berlin’s famous Innervisions label, to synth-heavy ambient productions as ‘Vermont’ (Marcus Worgull + Motor City Drum Ensemble). Oh, and let’s not forget his brilliant remixes for The XX and Fink.

This guest mix features a selection of lovely, melancholic tracks, put together in a story telling way.

We had the chance to ask Marcus a few questions. Here goes!

Please describe yourself in three words.
Need more words : )

Do any of the tracks in this mix have a (special) story behind them?
I think behind every track in this mix is a special story. Some of those stories are very personal. The task for this mix has been to choose music that I wouldn’t play in a club or a dance music set. So I went through my vinyl and digital record collection, picked some “nice” music that I like and feel, without having an eye on rarity or exclusivity and recorded it quite spontaneously. When I listened to the recording again, I was like “Oh shit – this is very melancholic and quite weird!”. I have to say that a couple of weeks ago my beloved mother passed away. As you can imagine, I’m still mourning. Maybe you can hear my lamentation in this music.

You recently performed on Boiler Room Berlin, how do you prepare for a set like that?
I tried to put some songs and tracks together that I really dig at the moment and to tell a story with and around them.

Do you (still) get nervous for big gigs?
Yes, of course. I would better call it positive excitement.

Do you have any upcoming releases or gigs that you’re excited about?
I have an ambient project called Vermont together with Danilo Plessow. We have a remix EP for our last album with contributions from I:Cube, Baikal and Dixon coming up. I’m really looking forward to that one.
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