SOUNDS | By Jeff Solo

This month, we’re taking a musical journey with Rotterdam-based DJ Jeff Solo, who’s recently released a Chicago house-infused track together with Hollywood & Vine, along with a video by Cry Havoc. Chicago definitely does seem like the place where he takes a lot of inspiration from, be it from the either the disco or house era.

Words by Isabel van Zeller


This guest mix is a seamless trip through time and genres. You’ll hear early eighties Jamaican funk by Sonya Spence – a rare gem of a record that was recently repressed – but also the first release on the new ‘Voodoo Gold’ imprint from Rotterdam. Jeff also treats us to the sample of Mall Grab’s ‘Can’t Take It No More’ – showing us that doing your homework as a DJ pays off.

Why does this mix sound so smooth? Tight mixing is one reason, but also you can tell Jeff knows how music is connected across genres, as tracks organically transition from one into another.  Expect a lot of melody, and the occasional killer bassline.

We caught up with Jeff and talked about his love for Chicago house and his new years resolutions.

Please describe yourself in 3 words.
Music, Rotterdam, food.

What was the last song you listened to?
LCD Soundsystem – 45:33

When did you develop a love for (chicago/detroit/NY) house and disco tracks, and where did you first encounter that type of music?
I used to breakdance a lot when I was younger so (around 15/16) I was always listening and dancing to funk, hip-hop, oldskool electro, discobreaks etc. etc. Growing up with internet it was easy to look for the best mixes to dance to or look for songs or  artists I knew from the bboy-mixtapes.I just instantly fell in love with that stuff when I was digging around the internet and found out about the birth of hip-hop, disco and house music.

In an interview last year you told us that your goal for 2016 was to make more music. Do you feel you succeeded at that?
In a way, but in retrospect I’d say I could have done a lot more so I’m not really satisfied. Gonna work extra hard from now on!

What are your resolutions for 2017 when it comes to your DJ career?
Spending more time in the studio to create stuff I think is beautiful. Alone, or with people I really like or really want to work with.

This month, Rotterdam-based Jeff Solo takes on a musical journey

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