SOUNDS | By Carista

During this year’s ADE, Ace & Tate Sounds broadcasted live on Red Light Radio with a dreamy line-up, and we’ve got the mixtapes to prove it. First up, Carista – the up and coming artist hailing from Utrecht, where nightlife is on the rise with new exciting projects and initiatives popping up, like the club WAS.  In this recording, Carista shows us that she knows a whole lot about the origin of House music, moving effortlessly from one classic to another and serving us up an incredible selection of warm, soulful tracks. Don’t worry, this mix is SFW and will actually help get you through the day.

Words by Isabel van Zeller


In line with our RLR livestream sessions, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss a few livestreaming-related issues with our guest. Here goes!

Where are you right now and why are you there?
In the train from Amsterdam towards Utrecht – the city where I’m born, raised and still living. Why? Because that’s actually my main transportation. And man, I can’t wait to eat the rest of my self-made nasi goreng at home. My specialty!

Are you currently listening to music and if so, which track is playing and how loud?
Yes, I’m listening to music – but not a track, I’m listening to Elias Mazian’s latest ‘Private Hearts’ show on Red Light Radio. It’s on max volume on my iPhone.

The world of DJing is very male dominated, why do you think that is? Do you wish to actively change that reality?
Yeah, yeah it is male dominated that’s a fact unfortunately. I’m a black woman – also a fact, but I do not actively change the industry. Maybe I do by being who I am. I’m just very grateful to be in this very fortunate position, to do what I love and to do it on a daily basis. I stand for equality for all you know, but that’s not the main reason why I’m in this business.

It’s more of a personal thing. If you’re doing it for the right reasons by being patient, humble and sincere good things will come your way and you’ll meet the right likeminded people. That’s what I strongly believe in. It’s like the saying “actions speak louder than words” – I prefer to let the music and my actions speak for themselves. Nothing too complicated about that right?

This mix was broadcasted on Red Light Radio, as are many things these days. What is your ultimate livestream dream? As in, if you could choose anything to stream live, what would it be?
Livestream/internet is a wonderful medium to put yourself out there nowadays but the best thing above all is to experience things live just to feel the energy of what the artist(s) wants to bring forward and to live in that right moment. If I really had to choose than I would’ve livestreamed the last D’Angelo concert in Paradiso. It was so good!

If people at home can tune in to see you DJ in real time, do you think it would be fair then to see your audience during your livestreams as well?
Nah, that doesn’t matter to me. I’m always doing my thing with or without audience, haha!