SOUNDS | By Beesmunt Soundsystem

This guest mix is by up-and-comers Beesmunt Soundsystem (pronounced ‘Basement Soundsystem’). The Amsterdam based duo have released four records over the last year, one of which featured none other than San Proper, who is also responsible for one of the first Ace & Tate guest mixes.

These guys are steadily making a name for themselves – next to their productions they appear regularly on Red Light Radio, where they have their own show, and they’ve recently performed for Boiler Room in London, which they described as “2016’s most stressful 45 minutes.”

Words by Isabel van Zeller


This DJ duo shows their strength in selecting house tracks which come with an abundance of African influences, melody, synths, warmth and good vibes. A great example of this is Chicco’s ‘I need some money’, a slightly satirical track that features all of the above.

We had a short but sweet talk with the duo about their work, inspirations and the mixtape they prepared for us.

Please describe yourselves in 3 words.
“Heldhaftig Vastberaden Barmhartig”

What are the last songs you listened to?
Luigi: B.W.H. – Stop
David: Saâda Bonaire – Invitation

 Could you describe your mindset when you recorded this mix for us?
‘Sexual Fantasies’ is something that comes to mind…

Who are the DJs that inspire you the most, and for what reason?
Those whom aspire to be different, and keep exploring both in and out of their comfort zone.

In what way does your taste in music differ from each other? Would you say DJ duos need similar taste in music, or should they rather complement each other?
It depends: we feel overall there should be a similar vibe or idea behind a set a DJ duo plays, although they should try to surprise each other every now and then. In our case, we feel we have a pretty good mix of both being unpredictable and having a freaky almost telepathic thing going on.

Can we expect new releases in the near future?
Yes, you definitely can. Our next EP is coming out on Kitjen, one of our favorite ‘new’ labels from Stuttgart. Pretty psyched to be following up on amazing music by Suzanne Kraft, Fantastic Man and Tambien. Expect some warm sounds from the 90s on this one. Also, we are busy working on a second release for an esteemed crew operating out of San Francisco. More info soon!

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