SOUNDS | By Auntie Flo

During this year’s ADE, Ace & Tate Sounds broadcasted live on Red Light Radio with a dreamy line-up – and we’ve got the mixtapes to prove it. This is the second mix, brought to you by Auntie Flo. The London-based artist has been making a name for himself in the music scene, as a DJ, producer and founder of music curation agency Open Ear Music.

Where are you right now and why are you there?
I’m at home in London, just back from Berlin… So, recovering!

Are you currently listening to music and if so, which track is playing?
I’ve just been listening to Nas’ Illmatic – a classic! New York State of Mind is so good.

You’re based in London. What’s your favourite venue in London to play at? Do you have any venue on your bucket list?
Corsica Studios is definitely my favourite and probably the place where I’ve played at most. I have a soft spot for Plastic People of course, as I held a residency there before it closed. Also, I have to mention Five Miles which has just opened up five minutes from where I live. It’s a great space with an amazing sound. I’ve never played at Ministry Of Sound, maybe one day.

You mentioned that 14 years ago, you researched which artist makes you work fastest: Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin or Four Tet. If you were to do that again, which other artists would you pick and why?
It wasn’t so much about the artist, it was to do with the type of music – fast/slow, repetitive/non-repetitive. Jeff Mills’ fast repetitive techno won came first. Maybe next time I’d use the same artists but add some Shagaan Electro so see if that would get people working even faster: 180 bpm!

If you could have livestreamed any moment of your life in the past years, which moment would that have been?
Any one of my musical adventures to the likes of Cuba, Brazil, Malawi or Uganda.

Do you have any gigs or releases coming up that you’re especially excited about?
Yes, next year I’ve got a lot of releases lined up, but I just need to finish them off -which is proving difficult. I won’t jinx it by giving too much away! As for gigs, I’m looking forward to playing in Mexico for the first time over New Year.

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