ACE & TATE MEETS | Milan van Eeden

To mark the release of the Ralf & the Roland, our ‎Business Intelligence Analyst/part-time DJ/all-round cool guy, Milan, prepared an 80s inspired mixtape for us. We went over to Milan’s after work to check out his records and ask him a few questions about his love of music.  

Words by Isabel van Zeller
Photos by Jordi Huisman


What kind of music are you into?
I can’t describe my taste in music by a single genre. A few genres that stand out for me are disco, house, ambient and afro. Within these genres I’m still picky about which tracks I like and which ones I don’t.

Do you consider music a part-time job or a hobby?
I would definitely call it a hobby. I’ve been fortunate enough though, to incorporate that hobby into my job. My work is a rare combination of data analysis and music curation for events, stores and our Soundcloud mix series.


What’s your source for finding new music?
There’s three ways I go about this: browsing record stores, listening to other DJs and spending some evenings forgetting about time and browsing through Discogs, Youtube, Rush Hour, Juno, Spotify, etc.

Do you listen to music while you work? If yes, which songs have you been listening to recently?
Yes, a lot. It helps me focus on my work. I’ve been listening to a lot of tracks that you’ll hear in the Ralf & Roland mix.



What kind of mix did you record for the Ralf & Roland release?
I think the frames are quite mysterious and futuristic looking, and the colour in the lenses give them an 80s vibe. These things combined remind me of synthesizers. Synthesizers are often associated with club music, but for this mix, I wanted to emphasise a different side of synthesizer music.

On what occasion would you wear the Ralf or the Roland?
Anytime the sun’s out. I think they’re very versatile frames, because they have a minimalist aesthetic. And the fact that they are full lens frames makes them stand out.


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