ACE & TATE + Lernert & Sander

The acclaimed creative duo Lernert & Sander gets your eyes rolling. They’ve created mindboggling films for fashion favourites like Kenzo, Viktor & Rolf and Hermès, as well as directed visual gems for film platform NOWNESS and Dutch chart toppers De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Yet creative duo Lernert & Sander never designed a tangible, 3-dimensional product—until now, that is. Joining forces with Ace & Tate, the Dutch artists have just launched their limited-edition debut product.

Words by Glamcult, also featured on their website.
Photography by Lernert & Sander


Unveiled during an exclusive launch event for press, Lernert & Sander invited Fantastic Man co-founder Gert Jonkers and Vogue journalist Fiona Hering to join them for a ‘serious’ press conference. Discussing fashion’s relation to human emotion, both the artists and their conversation partners were graced by the brand new frames, which turned out to be much less serious than the actual talk. Inspired by the idea that sunglasses normally obscure most of our facial expressions, the Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander sunglasses simultaneously obscure facial expressions and create them. Speaking serious business, but wearing spectacles with an unmistakable eye roll, the tongue in cheek fashion dialogue—not so serious after all—underscored the duo’s acclaimed witty and inquiring approach.

No strangers to Ace & Tate, Lernert & Sander first worked together with the brand as board members of the Ace & Tate Creative Fund, which commenced last year. A product collaboration with their Amsterdam counterparts naturally followed from this close relationship, according to the artists. “We think the young entrepreneurship of Ace & Tate is really inspiring.” Featuring reflective lenses, Lernert & Sander’s first product collaboration is made of biodegradable black acetate with 70% of its compounds coming from natural resources. Imitating pupils, two black dots on the flat-mirrored sunglasses create a cartoon-like character that most of all reminds us of the corresponding emoji. Of the two different frames, one looks one way, the other looks another: better known as the ‘Lernert’ and the ‘Sander’.

Available online and in selected stores:
– Ace & Tate Haarlemmerstraat 70, Amsterdam
– Ace & Tate Pannekoekstraat 8a, Rotterdam
– Ace & Tate Alte Schönhauser Straße 42, Berlin
– Ace & Tate Steenhouwersvest 15, Antwerp
Ace & Tate + Lernert & Sander 02