ACE & TATE + LAW Magazine

We’re absolutely thrilled to present our collaboration with London’s brilliant, earnestly compelling bi-annual publication, LAW Magazine. Each one of their carefully curated editions contributes to creating a sense of community, belonging and authenticity – three principles strongly connected to one of our most important brand values: Identity.

Together, we produced a series of intimate portraits and short films celebrating expression of identity, poetic imperfections and everyday eccentricities, featuring four intricate, bold and inspiring UK-based individuals.  Meet the beautiful characters behind our glasses:

Erika Bowes, 23, stylist
This is Erika. She’s a photographer, stylist and co-founder of the magazine Sukeban, a word she rightly uses when describing herself – it means ‘Girl Boss’ in Japanese. Here she lets her guard down and shares the memories and personal objects that lie behind her tough, jewellery-clad armour. 

Caleb Femi, 27, poet
Nigeria / Peckham
Nigerian-born poet Caleb Femi, claims his home is in the head. However, if he’d have to pick a place, he’d say Peckham, where he grew up in. He believes poetry cultivates confidence and allows us to communicate in an honest way with others. We documented Caleb go off script and express thoughts and details about his character.

Emily Bador, 20, Model
Emily Bador is the Brighton-bred, freckle-faced feminist, with a firm hand, a warm heart and a lot to say when it comes to serious issues related to politics, racism, diversity and self-love. She also loves dogs.

Charlie Bones, 35, Radio show Presenter on NTS
Charlie Bones, London’s friendliest and most joyful morning radio show host is from Hackney, and he sure is proud of it. His show Do!! You!!! is a safe platform, where he spreads joy through music and banter, discusses thought-provoking issues and brings people together. Watch his soul come alive as he tells us about his hometown and what it means to him.

This is Britain baby, and we’re psyched to be joining its ever-blooming, all-embracing creative movement. Amsterdam, represent!

Frames featured
Erika: Neil Satin Silver, Robert Titanium, Lily Champagne, Phoebe Small Gold dust
Caleb: Dylan Champagne, Jean Matte Black, Monty Caramel
Emily: Jean Poppy, Phoebe Champagne, Tyler Smoke, Frances Poppy
Charlie: Oliver Tiger Wood, Dean Satin Gold, Allen Golden Brown, Hudson Tiger Wood