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A new perspective on | Tarek Beshta and Naresh Ramdjas

Dutch Design Week is a wrap and we’re pretty sure our inspiration levels have reached an all-time high. Before it becomes a thing of the past, however, we’d love to create just one more moment of inspo. In the past days we’ve introduced nearly all participants of our exhibition, A new perspective on design. But before the show goes on, take a minute to get to know Tarek Beshta and Naresh Ramdjas.


Tarek Beshta is an Eindhoven-based painter who devotes most of his time to projects such as portraits, zines and other works in line with his abstract artistry. Important to note, states Beshta, is that his vision on art has a lot to do with keeping up with the little things in life. That includes art by other artists, but also “lots of music, reading, watching people and drinking beers. Not that craft stuff, just normal ones.”



When we ask the artist why he brought a film to the set of our photo shoot, his signature mix of keeping it simple and having a great eye for compositions comes together in one answer. “The way Wim Wenders uses colour and light in his pictures to create a certain atmosphere or mood is really inspiring to me,” says Beshta, as he unpacks the DVD case in front of photographer Cleo Goossens. Have a look at his website, and you’ll understand exactly why Paris, Texas is his go-to movie.


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Last but certainly not least, participant Naresh Ramdjas is equally a design and a food lover. The designer’s work has included food ever since he graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. At his “Nareshtaurant” (now that’s a name) and Creative Food Studio, Ramdjas blends his passion for design and creative edibles. The outcome is not only delightful to the palate, but also to the eye.

Having his profile pictured, the young artist walks into our studio with an oddly shaped pumpkin that his girlfriend found at a local farm in the North of Brabant. When questioned why, he explains that this particular pumpkin stood out as “different than all the rest: with a nice texture and beautiful colours.” Naturally, it inspires him to create an enthralling culinary experience.



To us, Tarek Beshta and Naresh Ramdjas—and all exhibition participants, for that matter­—are living proof that design can be and do anything, as well as play into any aspect of our daily lives.

Photos by Cleo Goossens.

P.S. If you want to get an impression of how it went down at our Creative Talks and the in-store exhibition check out our Facebook photo album.