A new perspective on | Mandy Roos & Victoria Ledig

Among the creatives featured in our DDW exhibition, design duo Mandy Roos and Victoria Ledig unfold playful creations in an array of colours, shapes and sustainable materials that results in psychedelic and thought-provoking productions. Ahead of the opening of A new perspective on design—which is now officially on show—we traveled to Eindhoven and got to know the vibrant duo a little better.

What are the necessary ingredients for a big boost of creativity? When we ask Mandy and Victoria, they stress the importance of traveling, attending exhibitions and, to some extent, letting life surprise them. Speaking of ingredients, this gifted duo passed by a local supermarket before our photo shoot and purchased the exotic fruits and vegetables that inspire them. “They’re about unexpected tastes, colours, and textures. There is a sense of the unknown and yet, familiar.” Just like their work, really, with which they cook up experiments like they did with the exotic fruits—after our encounter, that is.


What would a creative collective be without independent minds? Besides working together, Mandy and Victoria each have their own ongoing projects. As we are told, Mandy is currently working on various exhibitions and books that reflect on contemporary feminism. Victoria, with her extensive research on sustainable fashion, nowadays explores the possible applications of textile waste, as her aim is to “close the loop between the textile industry and the waste it creates.”

Whereas Mandy describes herself as idiosyncratic and paradoxical, Victoria calls her practice material-driven. Their two focal points, the one encompassing a social perspective on feminism and the other focused on environmental awareness, come together in an inspiring collective that speaks of sensibility towards our human and material capital. Consequently, this social engagement is reflected onto tangible design elements and concepts.


Curious for more?

Get to know these two at Dutch Design Week before it wraps up.

Photos by Cleo Goossens.