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A new perspective on | Anastasia Kubrak and Bien Philty

As you may have heard, Ace & Tate is presenting an exhibition during Dutch Design Week, which kicked off this past weekend. For this special occasion, we invited five young creatives from different fields to be photographed by Cleo Goossens with their objects of inspiration. But before you encounter their bright design perspectives in Eindhoven, get to know two of the exhibition participants here.



First up is investigative designer and Sandberg student Anastasia Kubrak, who develops tangible ways of engaging with the social and cultural implications of emerging technologies. Her projects reveal a deep-rooted interest in the politics of information and her uninhibited passion for new technologies.

By means of design, Anastasia attempts to gain an understanding of the effect of urban technologies. She studies the relation between humans and the way technologies reshape our constructed environments. The complexity of her research, as she told us, is taken a step further by incorporating external opinions that help her catalyse new ideas and cutting-edge insights. That includes, for example, research on high-resolution imaging satellites.


Anastasia’s fascination with new technologies couldn’t be missed when we asked her to bring an unusual object of inspiration. Always by her side, on her working desk, sits a small robot that cheers her up in moments of creative stagnation. The robot, she explains, “is the ultimate representation of technology in humans’ imagination. ” The designer’s soft spot is not just a representation of future technology, but also about the space where humans and machines interacts. “This robot symbolizes a naïve, but very human way of thinking about automation and future.”



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Eindhoven-based illustrator, graphic designer and painter Jordi Bombeeck, better known by his moniker Bien Philty, creates work that melts fantasy into reality. Speaking to our creative team, Jordy disclosed his sources of inspiration and his hope that someday these fictional characters will come alive.

With a wide range of interests, Philty currently devotes his time to exploring different areas that range from illustration and painting to tattoo techniques. In his projects, he aims to capture his “dark fantasy world” by using uncommon shapes and dark tones that reference Disney movies, comics and black-and-white animations from the 20’s and 30’s. Philty is an innovator at heart, always on the lookout for ways to evolve his style and vision. “Everything I do has to surprise me, or else I would get really bored.”


The thirst to fuel his creative processes when drawing, has driven Philty to find inspiration in objects that re-enact and keep his youth fantasies intact. And so he brought to the set Prince Adam (He-Man), an action figure from the cartoon series Masters of the Universe, which now stands near his workstation. Found in a small flea market in Berlin, Philty didn’t hesitate when faced with the choice to buy or not to buy. “I couldn’t turn down this one as it immediately reminded me of my childhood.”


A new perspective on design is on from October 21 until October 29 at our Eindhoven store.

Frame featured: Monty Tiger Wood Metal Temple